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December 30, 2011
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It was so dark...

"Did you forget about me, luv?" A voice called to me from behind as I wandered around aimlessly. Was I even touching ground? Where am I even going?

I just bit my lip, closed my eyes, and kept on. Wherever I was going seemed way too important to stop and turn back now.

"You can't ignore us forever, Lieutenant." A different voice called out soft but gruff. It was one I haven't heard in such a long time... "You're going to have to ball up and accept it."

"Shut up." I didn't even move my mouth. It's like my brain spoke for me. "Go away. You're all dead."


"Stop it."


"Stop it!"


"Wha'sit?" I opened my eyes.

Oh thank God.


I turned my head and saw MacTavish looming over me, blocking out the blinding light of the overhead. He seemed to be a bit concerned.

"Turn off the light, you git." I groaned, covering my head with my blanket. Even with the Scottish wall blocking most of the light, it was still too bright.

"You've been hanging around us too long." He chuckled. "You're starting to sound like a limey."

I peeked out and frowned, "Oh right. Pip pip cheerio, tea and crumpets. Bloody wanker."

"Atta lass."


He laughed, then his face went back to concerned-ness. "Are you alright? You've been moaning in your sleep again."

I smiled innocently, "Wet dream maybe?"

He kept cool, "It was the distressed kind."

"Are you sure? I could've been dreaming about Yuri's strong tattooed arms pulling me against him while he tells me hot nasty things in Russian."

He looked unimpressed.

I sighed, "I'm fine, really. Just had a bad dream."

It seems to be an epidemic in our little household here. None of us sleep well. We all go to bed and sleep all the time but we can never get rested. Why? All the nice little bad dreams that get concocted in our fucked up little heads.

Captain big Mac nodded, understanding perfectly. His lips played into a seductive smirk, "Well then. Maybe you just need a nice strong buddy to crawl into bed and chase those bad thoughts away, eh?"

I rolled my eyes, "Not even in your dreams."

"Worth a shot."

"Can I go back to my sleep time now?"

He shrugged, "If you liiike, but it's getting close to noon and I've seen Price on his eighth cup of coffee so far, mind you I got up around ten, so he's getting pretty antsy. Maybe you should come into the living room and help out?"

I groaned. "Fine. Dick."

He shoved his hands casually in his pockets as he walked out, whistling contently, "Love you too."

When I was sure he was gone, I sat up and sighed, quickly putting my hands to my hair and feeling around. Ugh, it feels like a total wreck. Tangleyyy as fuck and I forgot where I put my hairbrush. Maybe Price took it for his moo-stache.

I crawled out slowly and changed clothes, lazily tying my hair into a bun. Because I'm lazy.

Then there was a knock on my door.

"You decent?" A delectably gravelling Russian accent asked through the wood.

"No." I teased, looking at the mirror to check for eye-sleepies.

The door opened anyway, and Nikolai peeked in. Ever the nosy guy.

"Aww, damn."

"I said I wasn't, asshole." I gaped. "I could've been naked!"

He only smirked. "I guess luck wasn't on my side then."

I crossed my arms, "Whaaat do you want? I'm up, I'm coming."

"Juuust making sure. I was going to come in earlier but Soap beat me to it. And I figured it would have seemed a bit... creepy if more than one man came in to check on you."

I thought about it. And yeah, I think if two hulking figures had been standing over me when I woke up I probably would've peed myself. And I would have never left the room ever again if that happened.

"I appreciate the gesture. Really."

"Don't mention it. Now hurry up before Yuri and Price drink every caffeinated beverage in the safehouse."

I followed him out the door. "How long have they been up now?"

"I say three days. We've been getting closer to finding Makarov this time. We think."

I sighed. "It's been... what? A few mon- wait how long have we been here?"

He hummed, "A month or so, maybe three, I suppose. I'll have to get back to you on that. The days have been running together for me, too."

"Quiet you two." Price growled from the computer as we entered the den. "And watch this."

Nikolai and I joined the boys to see what the fuss was about.

"The Russian President never arrived in Hamberg for the peace summit." A news reporter said, a video of the President's old face gazing out along a crowd was playing. "With his whereabouts currently unknown, no one is certain what this means for the peace treaty..." And then Price paused it.

Makarov fucking kidnapped the Russian president? What the hell? Why would he kidnap his own president?

MacTavish grunted, posting more sticky notes to the ever growing Board of Conspiracy, which is what I call the gridboard that we keep tacking leads and related-to's to. It's grown from a few linked photographs to nearly an entire wall "Looks like Makarov just played his next hand."

"If he puts himself back on the grid, he wants it to be known." Price was irritated, jumpy. I blame it partially on the large amount of coffee he injests every ten minutes. The man never sleeps anymore.

Captain took out the highlighter and underlined important messages. "So where do we start hunting?"

We were all silent, staring at the board and trying to think.

Then Yuri snapped his fingers. Remembering. "Africa."

Price and MacTavish looked over eagerly at him. Yuri moved to the computer and pulled up some files.

"Makarov's been using a local paramilitary group to move shipments to Sierra Lione."

I just got to say, once again, Yuri's got a hot voice. If I had a dick, I'd deepthroat it down a- okay dear God better stop that thought now.

Yuri moved to the world map and drew lines from each place Makarov has visited. "From there, they go towards Morocco, and in to Spain."

Captain MacTavish gaped, "He's moving North."

Price picked up a red marker and drew arrows around the UK, "Right towards her majesty's doorstep. What's the cargo?"

We all looked back to Yuri, who only shook his head sadly. "I don't know... but it's important to him."


"Then I want it." Price huffed.

"We can use the river to get in close. There's a factory in the camp where they store the shipments." MacTavish circled a place called Sherbro. "BUT. The PRF's been waging genocide in the highlands for months. They'll be everywhere."

"Of course they will be." I sighed to Nikolai, who only chuckled quietly as a response.

"Makarov wouldn't let this travel lightly. If it didn't serve a greater purpose. And, chances are, the bastard will be there personally to see things off." He circled Makarov's photograph. "If he's back on the grid. Then so are we."

He turned around. "We're going to need a small squad, but a large enough number to take on the paramilitary in case things get out of hand. French, you're in."

I clapped excitedly, "Yay not out."

He smirked, "No ma'am. I'm afraid we're going to need all the help we can to take out this bastard. Nikolai, how soon can you get us to Africa?"

"As soon as we're done packing, Captain Price. Just need to fill up the Pave Low's gas tank and we're set."

"Good, alright, let's hurry up lady and gentleman. Before Makarov changes his mind."

I PROMISE. The next installment will have action. There is just SO MUCH extra time to put in this series. The guys over there in the MW3 story writing department actually put months in between missions. I have so much time to work with now. Instead of jumping mission to mission.xD

BUT. As promised. Installment 4!

Next mission is Sierra Lione, Africa. Where French is finally noticed as HOT. x3
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